Your baby has arrived.

It is absolutely amazing to observe babies’ speedy development and how they respond to their surroundings. Motor development begins already in a mother’s body and is extremely rapid up to the child’s third year.
In the first year of their lives, children are like sponges, soaking up new information. They know nothing about the world and that is why they rely on messages, transmitted by their senses and of course us—their parents.
During the first months, babies are completely dependent on the person who takes care of them. All stimuli are of vital importance since they enable babies’ gradual development and maturation of the nervous system. While receiving different messages and stimuli, more and more synapses are formed in babies’ brains, thus increasing their thinking skills.
At this early age, babies spend most of their time in the safe arms of their parents. This is why it is extremely important to correctly lift, lower and cradle your baby. When you encourage your baby’s development with correct handling, your baby will soon start to participate. If you limit his or her movements, your baby’s physical as well as mental development will slow down.
At our Pedosana sessions, we teach parents how to encourage the motor development of their babies. Lessons may begin soon after birth and they grow in complexity as babies progress in their development. We do exercises that are in harmony with a baby’s development. That is why we group babies according to their developmental stages. We professionally monitor each baby’s progress, especially when a baby achieves a higher level.
If you want to liven up your baby’s first year, learn how to spend quality time with your child and help him or her achieve full motor potential, apply for Pedosana motor development sessions.
We organize playful and relaxed group sessions, where babies are grouped according to their age and development stage. Our main goal is to show parents how to follow their babies’ development and not force them into unsuitable position.

For English speaking parents we only hold private sessions, please apply here.